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  • Parajet Volution Powered Paraglider

    Volution Paramotor

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    The most refined Powered Paraglider ever, everything about it is the result of years of careful consideration. Exhilarating to fly and easy to take with you wherever you go.

  • Parajet Zenith Powered Paraglider

    the Zenith

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    The world’s first fully CNC-machined Powered Paraglider with enhanced chassis geometry and in-flight manoeuvrability, engineered by the best in the business.

  • Parajet Maverick Powered Paraglider

    Maverick Paramotor

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    High perfomance feather light Titanium Paramotor packed full of innovation and joyful functionality, engineered by the best in the business.

  • Learn to Fly a Parajet Powered Paraglider

    the Beginning?

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    Learning to fly a Parajet is safe, easy and lots of fun. With hands-on lessons from the best-trained instructors anyone can experience the thrill of Powered Paragliding.

  • Parajet Powered Paraglider Spares

    the Spares

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    Looking for Parajet spares & parts? Order your genuine Powered Paraglider parts here or talk to your local authorised Parajet dealer to find out more.

The Stuff You’ll Love

  • Accessible

    Young or old you needn’t think it’s difficult; techniques are easy to pickup and you’ll quickly improve. There is average physical activity but all levels of fitness should cope.

  • Minimal Training

    Learning to fly is safe, easy and lots of fun. With small student-to-teacher ratios, the majority of students complete full training within a 10 day training course.

  • No Licence

    Classed as a foot-launched ultralight aircraft, in the majority of countries worldwide Powered Paragliding is a self-regulated sport and has no formal licensing requirements.

  • Easy to Transport

    A Parajet is quickly and easily put together, and once dismantled fits easily into the back of a standard car making it the most compact and transportable aircraft available.

  • Super Support

    Parajet strives to create positive and fun experiences for you, our customer. Feel reassured by Parajet’s world-renowned service reputation and discover the highest level of support.

  • Cutting-Edge

    Look around a Parajet and you’ll see the difference. Our products demonstrate how innovative design and engineering are pushing the boundaries and raising the benchmark in our sport.

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Dom McLoughlin - Figueres, Spain 2014
Karl Findlater - Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2014
Gilo Cardozo - Dorset, England 2007