Looking backwe see a series of defining moments

Parajet Founder Gilo Cardozo

2000Beginning of a Passion

It all began in 2000 in a humble garage workshop in Wiltshire, UK. Having acquired his first paramotor and learnt to fly in the late nineties, Parajet founder Gilo Cardozo started to design and developed the 180cc two-stroke Parajet XT aero engine.

Parajet Volution Powered Paraglider launched in 2005

2005The Volution

The Parajet Volution was the world's first Powered Paraglider to be designed from the 'ground up' and use an entirely metal chassis. Heralded as a milestone in Powered Paraglider evolution, it delivered a compact and transportable Powered Paraglider with a unique aerofoil chassis and cage design offering superior strength.

Parajet & Bear Grylls fly over Everest on a uniquely designed Powered Paraglider

2007Mission Everest

On the 14 May 2007 Gilo Cardozo and TV survivalist Bear Grylls took off from the foothills of the high Himalaya flying uniquely designed rotary-powered Powered Paragliders. Bear began to ascend towards their target altitude, achieving an altitude of 29,494ft and catapulting the Parajet brand onto the world's stage.

Parajet SkyCar flying car expedition from London to Timbuktu

2009Flying Car

In January 2009, the Parajet SkyRunner successfully completes its inaugural flight during a 6000km, 42-day fly-drive expedition from London to Tombouctou – the culmination of two years of development to build the world's first practical flying car.

Parajet Electric Powered Paraglider utilizing solar energy

2009Electric Paramotor

During the summer of 2009 a team of Parajet pilots embarked on an exciting adventure covering 2000km. The Solar Electric Flight demonstrated solar-powered flight by paramotor combining the latest technology in solar energy and battery power.

Parajet rotary-powered Cyclone Powered Paraglider launched in 2010

2010The Cyclone

Parajet launch the world’s first rotary-powered production Powered Paraglider, the Cyclone. The Cyclone boasts responsive performance, high power-to-weight ratio and genuine design innovation. At its heart is the Rotron 294cc rotary aero engine.

Parajet rotary-powered Cyclone Powered Paraglider breaks FAI Speed Record

2011FAI Speed Record

Parajet Team pilot Dean Eldridge breaks an FAI Speed Record with the rotary-powered Cyclone Powered Paraglider, reaching an average speed of 73.84kph. Gilo Cardozo is honoured by the Queen with an MBE for services in business and engineering.

Parajet rotary-powered Cyclone Powered Paraglider breaks FAI Speed Record

2011The Volution 2

Parajet unleash the second generation of Volution Powered Paraglider which is ligher in weight and boast increased performance. To celebrate the launch of the Volution 2, Bremont Watches commission a one-off special edition to showcase in their London store.

Parajet become official Powered Paraglider supplier to the Red Bull Airforce

2012Red Bull Airforce

Red Bull Airforce select Parajet as official supplier. Parajet pilots break longest continuous flight by a powered paraglider record by circumnavigating the coast of Australia, a distance of 8500km, in two months. Parajet relocates to new, larger premises.

Parajet Zenith - the world's first fully CNC-machined Powered Paraglider

2012The Zenith

Parajet launch the Zenith - the world's first fully CNC-machined Powered Paraglider designed to give unrivalled precision and consistency in its production. It's groundbreaking design has influenced the market and Zenith-inspired designs can now be seen throughout the industry.

Parajet Zenith - the world's first fully CNC-machined Powered Paraglider

2013PADSS Program

After successful deployment with the Palm Bay Police Department in Florida, Parajet launch the Parajet Aerial Defense and Security Systems program - a unique and cost effective solution to aerial intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance.

Parajet launch the Special Edition Bear Grylls Powered Paraglider

2014BG Paramotor

Designed in partnership with TV survivalist Bear Grylls, the BG Paramotor Adventure & Explorer Special Editions helped launch Bear's fans and new pilots into the unique and exciting world of aerial exploration, taking them without limits to wherever their adventure leads.

Parajet Volution 3 – the culmination of all our Powered Paragliding experience

2014The Volution 3

Our latest generation of Volution Powered Paraglider respects its heritage without being a slave to it. The Volution 3 is pure Parajet – the culmination of all the experience gained through our pioneering design, engineering innovation and Powered Paragliding expertise.